Personal trainer price is a very commonly entered phrase on Google. You can find a huge price list online. It’s much harder, though, to figure out what you’re going to get for it. In the following, we will present our offer and the way we work. Let the sky price of a personal trainer be the most important factor in choosing.

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What is cheaper? A can of beer for € 1.13 or a set of six cans for € 6.75? Of course, € 1.13 is less money than € 6.75, but if we divide the second price by six, as many as are in the cans, we find that the price of one can in the second case is € 1,125. Minimal difference, but we can say that the other is cheaper.

What if you compare both cars in the pictures. You can quickly find that the second one costs almost twice as much as the first one.

So the first one is cheaper. However, if you compare the offer a little more enthusiastically, you will find that the price of the former is outrageously expensive in terms of what it offers. And that the price of another is extremely low depending on what you get for it. So despite the price, we could say that the second car is cheaper.

We usually buy used cars with a whole bunch of parameters, from what we like, what’s available, how we’re in a hurry, how much money we have available. Difficult task… However, it is still possible to define quite precisely what we get for this price. ABS, leather seats, has a diesel engine, what power does it develop, does it have seat heating, central locking?

However, we encounter a much bigger problem when looking for services such as finding a keyword personal trainer price. In the case of services, it is very difficult to define what the customer gets. After all, we also need to trust that what he wrote is in fact true. This, however, is very difficult in an age when almost everyone is already a wellness consultant, nutritionist, __________ (insert any) exercise expert. However, if we try to simplify the matter, we stop at only four parameters. These parameters play a key role in the composition of the price of a personal trainer and are directly related to the quality of training.


maybe you’ll say it’s not that important, since I’m just getting a little overwhelmed. However, space is what you will often see and feel (smell) differently. For those for whom hygiene ranks high on the scale of values, this is definitely an important thing. After all, by choosing a space, a trainer or personal trainer usually shows an attitude towards you. I agree that it is also nice to do training outside on the playground or in a clearing, but when it is the end of summer… your training consistency may suffer.

Number of trainees

How many people do you think a personal trainer can monitor or observe? Ten, maybe twenty, but probably not thirty or seventy. What if you think these people are still doing something. However, everyone works according to their abilities, and has one problem with the knees, and the other you have to control due to a hernia, etc.… This reduces the number of trainees. There are up to six practitioners in my groups. Not because I am limited by space, but because in my experience this is the upper limit when I can monitor the trainees in what they are doing. If you go to a workout where there are 15 or more participants, the ‘mood’ may be really good, but keep in mind that someone is actually watching over your performance.This means you get a service that is the same in content as if you were watching the workout at home on DVD for free. A personal trainer simply cannot devote enough time to an individual.


The very naive thinking of the usual provider of popular boot-camps is something like this:

There is nothing fundamentally wrong with people looking for exercise, they are just a little lazy and therefore overweight. Above all, they need motivation! I can be a positive example to them, just look how beautiful I am. So whatever I’m going to do with these people, just to ‘snuggle’ and catch their breath, will be good enough for them. We’re going to do a little bit of lunge steps, then squats, a little kicking aside and jumping, and then there’s going to be some more exercise from youtube. I will chase them and next to them say ‘GO HARD OR GO HOME’ and ‘YOU DON’T STOP WHEN YOU ARE TIRED! YOU STOP WHEN YOU ARE DONE! That sounds great. I’m going to do this choreography this month, and then I’m going to change it up a bit.I’ve seen so many exercises on youtube, I’m probably a very good coach!

Such thinking usually does not work. Nor do we call such people in the Telodrome “personal trainers”. The most important thing is the content. Is there an exercise that is universal for everyone? The answer is no. It is also naive to declare some exercise for women or men. The groups may be more or less homogeneous, but just as people do not have the same leg number, we have different desires and needs.

The most universal is knowledge and an individual approach.

However, because people come with various problems and consequences of a sedentary and stressful life, it is often not enough to have a weekend course for instructors and trainers, but in-depth knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology is needed.

When exercise is so tailored to the individual, the meaning of the exercise is achieved. Only then can we say that an exercise is functional and individually tailored. Jumping can be painful for many people, and ‘snowing’ can be fatal for some. Of course, you don’t want to get additional injuries on the workout, as you came here to get moving. Therefore, the content of the training is extremely important, both because of the goal that needs to be reached, as well as from the point of view of safety.

For the majority of the population that comes to exercise, this should be varied and not just metabolic or aerobic in nature. These are the most important elements that we have taken into account when creating the personal trainer’s price list.

What else do I get along?

People love it when we get something next to it, even though it’s a ceramic pancake pan. These supplements, which you get in addition to various group exercises, can also come with a negative connotation, for example, to get a membership in the sect of believers of dietary supplements or a Facebook post of your photo where you catch your breath, maybe at best just spam to your e-mail with various nutritional and motivational phrases.

Well yeah, but you can get something useful, like a T-shirt, a towel, or socks. Maybe a water bottle or a lot of useful information in the field of active and healthy lifestyle. You may get online support, counseling or workshops. It pays to check…

This last parameter may not be so important to you at the moment, but it still contributes to the value of what you are paying for.

When people read on the price list that the price for a personal trainer is € 135 per month (SOS exercise), this may seem like a lot to them. SOS training is only twice a week, for a fitness monthly ticket they deduct around € 70, and you can go there every day. You may have heard from a colleague that there is a dance studio across the street where there is now a boot camp for only € 60 a month.

Then think about working with a personal trainer in SOS training :

– always a person who graduated from the Faculty of Sports

– to first make a diagnosis with the trainees, and on this basis to adjust the training

– to identify the causes and consequences of fat gain and the inability to lose excess weight

– that we know how to perform rehabilitation after injuries very well

– that the training is always different and sensibly composed according to the goals of each individual

– to understand the situation and the consequences when you bring me a report on which it says e.g. spondylosis

– that we also pay individual attention to customers regarding nutrition

– that the rehearsal is always different and there are no monthly choreographies and similar nonsense

– that there are a maximum of 6 trainees in the training, which means that I know the problem of each trainee 

– that the premises are clean and tidy and that a parking space is provided.

– that we very often conduct quality workshops and lectures, which are free for trainees and their family members

– that we are connected with therapists and doctors

– that we have filtered and ionized water for practitioners for free

– that we have insured liability

– that I have more than 18 years of experience both in top sports and in the population with common problems

– to take care of quality air in the room with filters and a recuperation system

– that the whole room is antibacterial protected

 I am sure you will find that working with our personal trainers is the cheapest option as it will save you both time and money. Once you have solved your problem, you will not need to look for such services again.